About me



I am a self-taught artist based in Køge near Copenhagen. My passion is to create meaningful art, designed to make you feel inspired and grateful. I am mainly inspired by the surrounding nature, the sky, and the ocean, but also thoughts about how it will make you feel as a viewer. My inspiration arises from experiences, dreams and hopes for the future. 

My unique technique is developed by playing with colors and trying different mediums, resulting in my own strong and very recognizable style. 

Outside the studio, I am a curious soul. I love to travel and explore. I have been backpacking alone in Asia and lived in London. Experiencing motherhood and the joy and playfulness my children bring to life, has made my creativity grow even bigger.

In my studio I also design jewellery and created the brand Mana Jocale where its all about wearable empowering, meaningful crystals and symbols. You can check it all out here: www.manajocale.com