About me



As a self-taught artist hailing from Køge, just outside Copenhagen, I am deeply passionate about crafting meaningful pieces that inspire and evoke gratitude. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, particularly the mesmerizing hues of the sky and ocean, my work is infused with a desire to connect with viewers on an emotional level. I am fueled by my own experiences, dreams, and hopes for the future.

My unique style is a result of my tireless experimentation with colors and mediums, resulting in a signature aesthetic that is both bold and instantly recognizable.

Beyond my work in the studio, I am an insatiably curious individual who relishes the opportunity to explore new corners of the world. From solo backpacking trips through Asia to a stint living in London, I seek out adventure and am constantly expanding my horizons. The joys of motherhood have also had a profound impact on my creativity, bringing a new sense of playfulness and wonder to my work.

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I have also founded the jewelry brand Mana Jocale, which offers an array of empowering and meaningful crystal and symbol-infused wearables. For more information on this exciting venture, please visit www.manajocale.com